Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remove Secureinvites.com

Secureinvites.com is a new type of browser hijacker that uses security holes within Internet Explorer to install itself automatically without the user knowledge. It hijack the web browser to www.secureinvites.com or redirect the user to other malicious web sites. Furthermore, it launches a flood of pop-up windows promoting several questionable anti-spyware products, among which are AntispywareShield and WinSpyKiller. Antispyware Shield and Win SpyKiller are corrupt illegally distributed spyware removers and cannot be trusted and should be removed from your PC immediately.
Secureinvites.com may seriously damage your computer and cause data loss and frequent system erros. Secureinvites.com removal can be difficult to remove manually and could cause your computer to stop responding.
We recommend to remove Secureinvites.com using Noadware antispyware.